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Windows PC and PC VR (via Steam VR) versions are available for free right here. If you are looking for an Oculus Go version please drop me a line at georgii.kurgan@luden.io.


ABA VR is a playful experience for teaching vital life skills, such as spatial orientation, shape recognition graphomotor skills, social interactions and more — all in form of fun mini-games.

Behavior Analysts (BAs) save 3+ hours/week by replacing piles of flashcards with ABA VR. Especially those who work with VB-MAPP protocol. Works with Oculus Go, Steam VR, and Windows PC (no VR).

It is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) — an evidence-based method, proved to be effective in many areas of therapy, including substance abuse treatment, mental disorders, dementia management, brain injury rehabilitation, among others.

ABA VR is an experimental project made by Luden.io.

Download the Teacher Guide (English, Russian)

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  • Set in a comfortable, distraction-free environment
  • A teaching tool: pick up from a wide selection of skills, from graphomotor skills to establishing eye contact
  • A motivational tool: collect stars and get rewards
  • A relaxation tool: get creative, drawing on a starry sky
  • Developed under the supervision of behavior analysts

Download the Press Kit


If you want to learn more about our educational games:

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