Natural Resources are limited and the moment when we'll run out of them is inevitable. Delay it by investing in science to create The Breakthrough before all the resources go.

The game was made for Ludum Dare 50.

How to play

  • Click on hexes to build on them
  • Select what you gonna build on a hex - City or Production. Click one more time on the same hex to upgrade.
  • Production will mine resources from hexes and City will consume resources and create Science points and buff Production from close neighbor hexes.
  • This is a turn-based strategy game, you will get resources from Production hexes every turn. Every build action will be considered as a turn.
  • Resources are limited. If a hex becomes empty it will visually turn into a desert.
  • You will win if you will research the Airship before running out of resources.


#ldjam #ld50 #strategy #hex #turnbased #resources

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GenreStrategy, Puzzle
Made withDefold
Tagshex, Ludum Dare 50, resources
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Hmm.. no matter what I try I can't seem to make the cogs go up.. Fun puzzle yes. I'd love to see expanded on for sure.

Hi @Beraias. Thanks for reaching out. Just updated the game with much more clear objectives and a building process :) Highly recommended to give the game a new shot. Take care :)