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This VR room was created during the development of VRobot game. It was inspired by the Illusive Man's room from Mass Effect game (press the like button if you are a big fan too).

So long story short. We were in the middle of redesigning meta game and scenario of VRobot. That's why you are a robot and cars are floating around :) Our amazingly talented artist Dmitrii came up with the idea to put a star outside of the space station without killing performance (a quite important and hard-to-achieve thing especially in VR). When we saw the first version we were astonished by the gorgeous look of the star. It was absolutely clear that we want to have this very room as a place to sit along with our thoughts and just relax, think or meditate. It wasn't included in the main game.

2 years after, during the extremely long staying home because of COVID-19 quarantine this VR room literally helped us to get out of our homes, virtually :) So we decided to share it with everyone. There is no rules, gameplay or goal. It is just a nice and relaxing place to let your mind rest a bit and maybe imagine yourself being kind of Illusive Man :)

Works with Steam VR, tested on HTC Vive & Oculus Rift.

Illusive Star Room VR is an experimental project made by Luden.io.

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