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Teamwork Adventure is a tiny role-playing game that was co-designed with teachers, for teachers. It serves one simple purpose: to help spark communication and teach cooperation to students with autism and related disorders.

Teamwork Adventure is an experimental project made by Luden.io.

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What is it: A local co-op game for 2 players sharing a PC or a tablet, that proves that if you work together, you can achieve more even if you are drastically different people. Players’ actions are defined and executed as a set of commands. This way, the players get acquainted with the simplest programming concepts.

How does it work: At the beginning of the game, each player is independent. The game gets more and more difficult with time, and in the process of playing, players learn to come to a compromise, and after that — to complement each other. A teacher plays with one or two children.

What we wanted to achieve: We wanted each of the players to grow interested in one another, no matter who they are — a teacher or a student. This way, we wanted to make players negotiate with each other and train their communication and shared attention skills.

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