A downloadable game for Windows

Convert objects to letters, builds words that are desperately needed, sell them and receive cash. Buy upgrades to speed up the process of word crafting.

You start with nothing but bare hands and 10$ cash. Buy the cheapest letter gun and start decimating objects with your tool to convert them to letters with the left mouse button.  Once you pick up letters with the right mouse button you can only drop them at the shop over the counter. If the letter is needed it will be accepted  and highlighted in green color, otherwise the letter will be dropped and can be used later. Letters that are currently in high demand are displayed floating over the shop as a real word and each letter is highlighted if sold. Once a whole word is complete the player receives payment to upgrade the tools. At the end a phrase will be crafted from all completed words.

Install instructions

Download WWW.zip, unpack and launch R8.exe inside parent folder.


WWW.zip 123 MB


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Cute! Definitely a good game for kids once this is fleshed out. I recommend adding some settings options to turn off the music because it can get a bit loud. Overall the design was great, and it was enjoyable while short. Would love to see a bigger version of this!

Thank you so much! We'll do our best to make this project happen!

Nah, thank you! It's cool that you guys are still working on it :)

So interesting and fun! However, I was unsure if there was an actual ending or not

Thanks! What an amazing video :) Yeah, good concern, we definitely had to add kind of "This is the end of the Jam's version". :(