What is Warnament?

Warnament is a turn-based grand strategy designed together with the community to combine simplicity, depth, and a high level of customization.

You can play as theocratic France during lunch and attack Berlin playing as communist Luxembourg by dinner. Or create your own scenario featuring alternative history or something completely unrelated to the real world whatsoever.

Influence and manipulate

  • Declare wars and sign peace treaties, make pacts and alliances
  • Guarantee the independence of your allies, force someone into vassalage, or simply insult your opponents (as seen on TV)
  • Get rich by trading with the big shots of global politics or choke your opponents with economic sanctions
  • Drag your allies into international conflicts: the more, the deadlier!

Crush and rule

  • Wipe out your enemies with a deadly array of military forces—from infantry to nuclear bombs
  • Rule the seven seas with cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers
  • Protect your land with fortresses and other defensive infrastructure
  • Despise the laws of warfare using a chemical or nuclear weapon

Expand and thrive

  • Progress through the technology tree to discover a wide variety of buildings and structures
  • Choose one of half a dozen political regimes, and make political decisions that might change the course of history
  • Control each province of your country independently to ensure an economic and scientific breakthrough

Create, share, and play your own worlds

  • Make your own scenarios in the included editor
  • Use the editor for creating your own maps, as historically accurate (or not) as you want
  • Share them with other players, if you wish to: best community-made content even makes it into the official game

What to expect?

How to support the game?

To support our tiny development team you can buy a Supporter's pack at this very page and at Warnament.com (if your bank card doesn't work here use Warnament.com). It is a limited-time Pay What You Want offer for early supporters of the game so they can grab really exclusive stuff. What's included?

  • Warnament Soundtrack by Arman Mkhitarian (5 tracks in WAV,  MP3, and FLAC formats).
  • Warnament Art Pack (20+ pictures featuring early days generated and hand-drawn art, concepts, and 4K wallpapers).
  • Bonus Game: Cold Path DRM-free version for Windows, macOS, and Linux (Cold Path is our previous strategy game which is also available for Android completely free).
  • Access to the "full-of-bugs-super-unstable-regularly-updated" closed beta version of Warnament for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Scenario Editor is also included. New update every 1-2 weeks 🚀!
  • Access to the Supporters channel in our Discord (you will receive an invitation in a few days, unfortunately not immediately).

Keys for Steam, Google Play, and other platforms where the game will be released ⚠️ ARE NOT INCLUDED ⚠️ but...

👑 Noble Supporter Certificate grants a free copy of the game on any platform it is released and gives a special mention in the game's credits.

How to follow the development?

You are welcome to our Discord and YouTube so you never miss an announcement or community voting. 


And don't forget to subscribe to the Warnament Dev Updates. All the news compiled with a lot of exclusive images will be delivered right into your email inbox.

Our Twitter is also a great thing to be followed.

The press pack is here.

How to get more involved?

There is a community translation going on, please feel free to join and help to localize the game into your language, here is the link. Closer to the release we will also provide a professionals-made translation along with the community-made one.

You can create maps, and scenarios and run your own roleplay servers. The best place to start doing that and ask all the questions is our Discord.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Warnament Map Editor Windows.zip 7 MB
Warnament Map Editor Android.apk 10 MB
Warnament_FULLGAME_Android. 283 MB
Warnament_FULLGAME_Linux. 251 MB
Warnament_FULLGAME_MacOS. 254 MB
Warnament_FULLGAME_Windows. 252 MB
Warnament Art Pack 60 MB
if you pay $1.99 USD or more
Warnament Soundtrack 860 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Bonus Game: Cold Path game DRM-free 128 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more
Noble Supporter Certificate 3 MB
if you pay $99 USD or more

Download demo

Warnament_DEMO_Android. 283 MB
Warnament_DEMO_Linux. 251 MB
Warnament_DEMO_MacOS. 254 MB
Warnament_DEMO_Windows. 252 MB

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Is the "Download Key" for steam? If so, it doesnt work. If not, then what exactly is it for?

Hi :) It's a key to download the game from itch, from this very page :)

add the demo version to download because im using a windows 7 so i can't download the demo from steam

Good idea. Added



Honestly this game has come so far from it's earlier beta versions, visually and gameplay-wise. If you liked cold path, you will absolutely love this game. Definitely worth a buy. Can't wait for the full release!




Jalhund you just beated yourself, you are better, i hope you have a great year and good luck with this game


Великолепно, очень жду дальнейшего развития проекта. Автор, ты лучший :3 


Шикарная игра


just by the trailer it looks and sounds a lot like age of history 2


this game is more than that, its the successor of AoH2

(1 edit) (+3)

I love warnament


Nice game ❤