Update 40 Is Now Live!

What is Craftomation 101? 

Craftomation 101 is a craft automation game about funny programmable robots CraftoMates who can move, eat, and craft things needed to terraform a frozen planet.

Version 0.40 Released!

  • Animated tutorials added in the beginning of the game, to make it more comprehensive
  • New item: Heater works on Batteries and runs much longer, but warms out less space than a Bonfire
  • Now it's possible to drag Craftomates around while the game is on pause
  • Unpausing the game only activates Craftomates who were active before pausing
  • Pausing the game no longer distorts animations
  • Command Center now warms out one tile more as compared to the Rocket
  • A warning window appears upon starting the new game (to prevent accidental save deletion)

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js-web. Play in browser
Jul 08, 2022
x86_64-darwin. 32 MB
Jul 08, 2022
x86_64-linux. 31 MB
Jul 08, 2022
x86_64-win32. 31 MB
Jul 08, 2022

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